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Tuesday 8 October

Wednesday 9 October


Volvo Cars assembly line visit

Plenary Session II


Plenary Session I

Plenary Session III


Cocktail reception

End of the Seminar

8.30 – 11.15: Volvo Cars Assembly line visit (upon registration)

11.10 – 11.20: Anna Holmberg, The Vera Project Manager at Center for Intellectual Property (CIP) and Innovation Manager at Sahlgrenska School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

11.20 – 11.25: WELCOME ADDRESSRaymond Millien, VP - Chief IP Counsel, Volvo Cars

11.25 – 11.40 STRATEGIC KICK-OFF - Daniel P. McCurdy, Chief Executive Officer, RPX Corporation

11.40 – 13.10: GRAND OPENING SESSION: Electrification & Mobility: from Conception to Production of Shared, Connected, Autonomous and Green Vehicles.

The importance of intellectual property from preliminary industrial designs to intelligent urban infrastructure. Data collection and ownership [from devices to solution-providers through aggregators], Internet of Things in the assembly-line and predictive maintenance by AI, standards settings in the future of the value chain for the automotive industry. New business models. Session to be broadcasted live streamed and replayed

Strategic Overview: Nicole Shanahan, Founder and CEO, ClearAccessIP (USA)



Thomas Ingelath, Chief Executive Officer, Polestar (Sweden)

Polestar is a Geely group automotive constructor and the performance division of Volvo Cars Corporation.

Dennis Nobelius, Chief Executive Officer, Zenuity (Sweden)

Zenuity is a new adas and ad software company, joint-venture between Volvo Cars and Autoliv.

Fernando Comenge, Managing Director, Allianz Warranty (Germany)

Allianz Automotive, a business unit of Allianz Partners, is covering the automotive segment on an international level for Allianz Group with a focus on the global insurance needs of car manufacturers and mobility providers.

Chairman: Nicolas Schifano, Associate General Counsel, Microsoft (USA)



Olav Madland, Chief Executive Officer, Applied Autonomy (Norway)

Pontus Frohde, Chief Executive Officer, Charge Amps, (Sweden)

Peter Friedrichsen, Group CEO, myFC AB (Sweden)

Chairman: Louis-Pierre Gravelle, Partner, Robic LLP (Canada)

13.10 – 14.30: Networking Lunch


14.30 – 15.20: Risks and opportunities for IP in a dramatic changing automotive landscape.
Comparisons with the aerospace, telecommunications and IT sectors. Tactics from new entrants.
• Convergence of technologies.
• Reverse-engineering, hybrid and dual technologies, spill-over from mature technologies.
• IP options on emerging technologies and expected technological breakthroughs.
• Patent Risk Management and Controlling Litigation Costs.
1. patent litigation dynamics,
2. patent protection/monetization in China
3. processes, indicators and analytics for information-efficient and effective methods to respond to unexpected patent overtures,
4. mitigate patent risk through defensive patent aggregation and defense pools
5. early assessment procedures to reduce risk, increase control and communicate financial costs, measurements to build competitive advantage,
6. interface with financial planning and corporate risk management,
7. shift from a cost to a profit-centered IP in-house department.

Strategic Overview: Automotive Patent Trends 2019 – 2020 : will there be patent war in automative or can it be avoided?
Presentation on the increased litigation risks as OEMs accelerate their adoption of autonomy, electrification and mobility technologies. Over one third of the relevant patents are owned by companies outside the automative ecosystem and overview of the litigation landscape and a range of existing mitigation strategies.
Nigel SwycherChief Executive Officer, Aistemos (United Kingdom).


Brian Hinman, Chief Innovation Officer, AON Intellectual Property Solitions (USA)

Dr. Xuting Huang, Patent Attorney, Intellectual Property Manager, ZF Group (Germany)

Bettina Hermann, General Counsel EMEA, Visteons Electronics (Germany)

Chairman: Lionel Lavenue, Patent Attorney, Partner, Finnegan (USA)

15.20 - 16.10: Internet of Things (IoT) in the driver’s seat : Captors, Sensors, Connectivity, AD.
>>> Predictive AI applied to the Automotive industry.

• New entrants and speed of technological advances: review of broad spectrum of operators.
• Market changes and tectonic developments: the role of data, sensors, and interfaces.
• Implications of IoT in the automotive industry and Identification of key IP conflicts and issues IP policies needed.
• Freedom to operate Connectivity and Autonomous Driving
• Vision category: connectivity and enormous data collected and distributed.


Chris Storm, Legal Director, Emerging Technologies, UBER (USA)

Douglas Elliot, Senior Patent Advisor, Patents and Intellectual Property, Scania CV AB (Sweden)

Ohad Biron, VP Operations, Prophesee (France)

Chairman: Andrew Hammond, Chief Executive Officer, Valea AB (Sweden)

16.10 – 16.30: Coffee Break


New structures of governance, workflow organization of the IP stream. Tools for IP across the industry. New developments in patent analytics. Arbitration in Patent Portfolio.
• Best practices
• Business Cases
• How to do more with less (budget)
• The example of joint-patenting. To which extent it could be applied to Academics and Start-ups.


Francis Fernandez, Responsable Valorisation Propriété Intellectuelle & Brevets, Groupe PSA (France)

Jenny Widahl, Chief IP Officer, IP and Legal Team Lead, Zenuity (Sweden)

Chairman: Dr. Stephen Potter, Adviser, Iprova

Practices and strategies in the automotive industry. New developments and efficiencies. Reaction to regulations and industry practices. Power balance between OEM, Suppliers, Third Parties and new entrant from connectivity e.g. Fair share of R&D outputs.
• New manufacturing methods and additive technologies: which protection?
• Technology readiness level, new technologies, sub-components. The question of recalls.
• IP valuation in the supply chain, notably around software and algorithm.
• Patent portfolio strengths: striving for high portfolio efficiency.
• Open or closed? The counterintuitive approach of open up its patent portfolio for strategic reasons.


Keynote Speech : Robert Falck, CEO and Founder, Einride (Sweden)

Bernhard Mehnert, Senior Counsel Intellectual Property & Licensing, ZF Group (Germany)

Scott Witonsky, VP IP & Licensing, Witricity (USA)

Wolfgang Stalder, European Patent Attorney, DENSO International Europe (Germany)

Chairman: Pauline Debré, Partner, Linklaters (France)

18.10 - 18.20: Conclusion: The value of connectivity in Automotive

Dr. Bowman Heiden, Director, Sahlgrenska School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Gothenburg University - Sweden)

18.30 - 20.30: Cocktail Reception

8.50 – 9.00: Kick-Off: Litigation trends and dynamics based on cases data analysis from 2013 to 2018 involving the 20 biggest automotive industry players.

Vladimir Bud, Head of Business Development CEE-DK-SE, Darts-IP


• The New Gold Rush...
• IP and Data: blurred lines on protection
• Traceability and ownership
• Data ownership/access to data.
• How to protect data
• How to leverage data assets and license data
• legal aspects of using open source software in proprietary products


Jill Hubbarb Bowman, Associate General Counsel, Intellectual Property, Intel (USA)

Ann Critchell-Ward, Vice President Intellectual Property Operations, Tom Tom (NL)

Anna Maria Lagerqvist, Senior IP Counsel, Volvo Car Corporation (Sweden)

Chairman: Dr Michael Natterer, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Dennemeyer Octimine GmbH (Germany)


9.50 – 10.40:  Standard Essential Patents & Automotive IoT

Overview : Standard Essential Patents in the connected, semi-autonomous car : the case of 5G
A patent landscape analysis on how SEPs and FRAND will affect the auto industry
Dr. Tim Pohlmann, Managing Director, IPlytics GmbH (Germany)

• The role of the “staple product” (commoditized product) defence in automotive systems using standard, off the shelf mobile/wired connections for data transfer
• Smallest saleable component damages theories; does the field of application of technical systems matter when determining royalties?
• Are big disputes possible resolve: How can a court determine a fair royalty, when all the licensors will never be parties to a single case?
• The role (if any) of quasi-mandatory or mandatory arbitration
• EU overview on SEP: the European Commission approach to SEP


Kent Baker, Head of IP Strategy & Licensing, u-blox AG Intellectual Property Standards, u-blox AG (United States of America - San Diego & Switzerland)

Ief Daems, Legal Director Antitrust, Cisco (Belgium)

Elena Kostadinova, Legal Officer, DG GROW, European Commission

Chairman: Tom Oliver, Senior Associate, Powell Gilbert (United Kingdom)

10.40 – 11.05: Coffee Break

11.05 – 12.05: IP Valuation: IP in M&A, Joint-Ventures and divestitures
Organic and cross-border inorganic growth strategies in the automotive industry: Aligning IP Strategy with Business Strategy.

Strategic overview : William Mansfield, Head of Consulting and Customer Success, PatentSight GmbH (Germany)

• Evaluation of intangible assets: methodologies and best practices.
• IP Strategies and risks linked to new emerging technologies related to the automotive industry and converging technologies, data management, datarooms for patent portfolios.
• Key skills needed for IP teams (evaluation is not black magic!)
• Purchasing and divesting: evaluation and assessment. internally, Externally, with in-house counsels. Infringement action, SEP claims, risk evaluation of non-mature technologies.


Erik Ahroon, Vice-President, Acacia Research (United States of America)

Béatrice Lévy-Moulin, Group Intellectual Property Vice-President, Valeo (France)

Ann Critchell-Ward, Vice President Intellectual Property Operations, Tom Tom (NL)

Magdalena Jablonski, Director IP Counsel, Robert Bosch LLC (United States of America)

Charlotta Ljungdhal, Vice President Group IP, Air Liquide (France) 

Chairman: Enno Bibow, Vice President, Licensing & Business Development, France Brevets (France)

12.05– 13.05: Trademarks & Brands overview: new online marketplaces, evolution of distribution channels from B2B to B2C, lookalikes and counterfeiting

Strategic Overview: short presentation of teams, strategies, implementations, what keep you awake at night.
Sergi Garcia, Product Manager Director, Red points (Spain)

• Automotive brand TM squatting: recent developments
• Lookalike vehicles in China, factories, new automotive fields (functions, interfaces, downloads of software tools, new services), role of trademarks and designs beyond physical world: where are we now?
• Fight against counterfeit parts: implementation.
• How clean is your dealer network: digitalization issues
• Licensing and protecting your brand name
• Brand protection strategies : implementing trademarks, examples. Examples of anti-counterfeiting programmes such as EBay, Alibaba [awareness campaigns].


Robert Sterner, Attorney at Law, Head of Trademark and Design Enforcement, AUDI (Germany)

Lisa Selar, Senior Trademark and Design Counsel, Volvo Cars (Sweden)

Paolo Rezzaghi, IPR Manager, Brembo S.p.A (Italy) 

Chairwoman: Tracy Durkin, Trademark & Design Lawyer, Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein (USA)

13.05 – 14.10: Networking Lunch

14.10 – 15.00: Perspectives session: Looking at the future: Megatrends and disruptive technologies.
• New interfaces, new challenges and new interactions between OEM, Suppliers, Academics and New entrants. 
• Transportation as a service, Predictive IA for maintenance: Use and business cases, market scenarios
• How can IP can anticipate the next technology breakthroughs? Forecasting the global inflexion…
• Applications of augmented and mixed Reality for Automotive Stakeholders.
• Fuel cells, Supercapacitors, Hydrogen: from Electric to Magnesium, the next key technological drivers.


Ronan Stephan, Chief Scientist, Plastic Omnium (France)

Victoria Van Camp, Chief Technology Officer, AB SKF (Sweden)

Claudio Simao, Chief Technology Officer, Hexagon AB (Sweden)

Cecilia Sunnevång, VP Research Engineering and Development, Autoliv (Sweden)

Chairman: Jens Bördin, Co-Founder and CEO, Konsert Strategy & IP (Sweden)

15.00: Farewell speech Raymond Millien, VP - Chief Intellectual Property Officer, Volvo Cars

Cocktail Reception

Date: 8 October

Venue: Volvohallen

Time: from 6:50 p.m